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27. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Security But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Historically, many Americans have planned to rely on Social Security to get them through retirement. But what happens if Social Security isn’t enough to help you secure the retirement you want and know you deserve?

In this episode, J. Barry Watts discusses some of those tough questions about Social Security, and helps you to understand how you can optimize that benefit to become your largest financial asset.

Barry discusses:

  • The age at which you should start to file for Social Security
  • The minimum qualifications for Social Security 
  • A breakdown of how Social Security is funded
  • How to maximize your Social Security benefit should your spouse pass away 
  • How to avoid taxes on your Social Security
  • And more


  1. How to Have More Tax Free Income in Retirement

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26. Don’t Let This Devastate Your Retirement

Not managing your sequence of returns risk properly could damage your retirement.

In this episode, J Barry Watts helps you understand how to protect yourself and your retirement from this type of investing risk. He helps you understand what a sequence of returns is, how it can hurt your retirement, and how to manage the risk and protect yourself.

Barry discusses:

  • What to know about a sequence of returns risk
  • Tools you can use to protect yourself from a negative sequence of returns
  • How a negative sequence of return could damage your retirement
  • How to manage the risk of a sequence of return
  • And more

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25. Understanding the Investment Fees You Pay

Do you know which fees you pay on your investment account? How much are they? And if you don’t know, shouldn’t you?

How can you find out what these fees are and where they come from?

In this episode, J Barry Watts and Eric Burlison provide you with all the information you need to better understand the fees you are paying on your investment account. They help you discover which fees you are actually paying, and discuss whether the fees are worth paying.

Barry and Eric discuss:

  • Why you are paying fees on your investment accounts
  • The specific fees you are paying that you may be unaware of
  • The type of fees brokerage firms, mutual funds, and registered investment advisory firms charge on your investments
  • Where you can discover which fees you’re paying and if the fees are worth paying
  • And more

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Episode 21 – New Ways to Pay for Long-Term Health Care

When it comes to planning for long-term care, your health is just as important as your wealth in helping you qualify.

In this episode, Barry Watts discusses new ways to pay for long-term care, and the importance of planning for long-term care before it is too late! Barry shares the options available to you and gives some examples to help you better understand what those options really mean! 

You will learn: 

  • How you can qualify for long-term care 
  • How Medicaid plays into the long-term care conversation
  • Ways in which you can start planning for long-term care now to help you when you need it 
  • Why people tend to shy away from long-term care insurance  
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn why long-term care is ultimately going to be inevitable and what you should be doing now to help you later! 

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