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Saving Taxes by Converting your LLC or S Corp into a C Corp (Ep. 39)

The structure of your business can have a huge impact on your bottom line after taxes. Whether starting a new business or saving taxes by restructuring your existing one, understanding how different business structures impact the taxes you pay helps you save thousands of dollars each year. 

In this episode, J Barry Watts of WealthCare Corporation discusses the various business structures you can adopt and how each structure impacts the taxes you and your business will pay. It’s part of the forward looking tax-planning-service of American Tax Strategies, LLC and SavingYouTaxes.com 

Barry discusses:

  • The difference between an LLC and a C Corporation
  • The importance of separating yourself from your business
  • The tax implications (and tax savings) enabled by different business structures
  • Innovative ways to structure your business to maximize your profits
  • And more

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