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Episode 21 – New Ways to Pay for Long-Term Health Care

When it comes to planning for long-term care, your health is just as important as your wealth in helping you qualify.

In this episode, Barry Watts discusses new ways to pay for long-term care, and the importance of planning for long-term care before it is too late! Barry shares the options available to you and gives some examples to help you better understand what those options really mean! 

You will learn: 

  • How you can qualify for long-term care 
  • How Medicaid plays into the long-term care conversation
  • Ways in which you can start planning for long-term care now to help you when you need it 
  • Why people tend to shy away from long-term care insurance  
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn why long-term care is ultimately going to be inevitable and what you should be doing now to help you later! 

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Episode 20 – Questions You Must Answer Before Visiting a Retirement Designer

Have you ever been in the situation where you are meeting with someone about your finances and you just can’t seem to answer their questions? 

This problem happens more frequently than you might think, and we are here to help you never be in that situation again! 

In this episode, Barry Watts goes through nine of the most common questions that you should know the answer to before visiting your advisor. Barry explains why each of these questions are important and how you can access the necessary information before your next financial meeting! 

You will learn: 

  • How to figure out how much money you will need after taxes in retirement 
  • What the tax brackets are and how to know which one you are in 
  • What you need to know about your Social Security in retirement  
  • Ways in which you can leave a legacy for your children 
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover how to answer the most common questions asked when planning for retirement!

Resources: | J. Barry Watts